The Benefits of PURLs
Each recipient is provided a "private" pathway to your services & product offerings. You can also simply invite them to learn more about you on their own time and terms. With PURLs you are able to get closer to your customers (potential or existing) more quickly and strengthen your relationship with them.
Either way, your success rate becomes greater as these relationships grow and you are able to better understand their wants and needs. The ability to interact with your target audience so quickly and gain valuable information from them through your campaign means a quicker return on investment, customer loyalty and retention and profit growth for your business.
Key Benefit Points of PURLs:
  • Raise your response rates 3 to 5 times through relevant messaging & personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • You can measure your campaign in real time
  • Access your campaign activity reporting in real time via the web
  • You will receive notification of campaign responses in real time, which translates into a higher conversion rate of your direct mail audience from recipients to customers
  • You are more likely to capture the 33% of direct mail respondents who prefer to respond online
  • Increase revenue, growth and marketshare
  • Enhance lead generation
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and retention
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