What Are PURLs?
In today's world we all recognize the acronym URL, which stands for "Uniform Resource Locators." URLs are our gateway to specific locations on the world wide web, which is most often to a virtual website or document.
PURLs simply stands for PERSONALIZED URLs. Your mailing list is used to automatically generate Personalized URLs for each individual (record) in your mail file. Personalized URLs invite each mail recipient to their own "private screening" of your product or service. Or you simply invite them to learn more - on their own terms.
Why PURLs?
It's no secret; from communication to shopping, the world wide web has changed the way we do things. It has also changed the way we go to market and the role of direct mail. A recent DMA survey states that 1 out of every three people who receive a direct mail piece in the mail prefer to respond online. It's just how we do things today.
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