The Architecture of PURLs
"Attract," "Interact" and "React." That's the concept of PURLs. The makeup of a PURL campaign is pretty straightforward. Your targeted mail list (data list) is whom you want to "Attract." Based on your specific business rules and the scope of your direct mail campaign, you are able to "Interact" based on the relative information collected from the individuals targeted by your campaign. Now that your responder has provided you with the information you have asked for, or you have determined certain characteristics based on reporting and analytics, you can "React" quickly. You are notified in real time when your responder(s) has completed your defined campaign tasks by email. You can make a determination what action best suits that individual and "React" in a matter of hours or minutes vs. days while the individual's level of interest is high.
Either way, your success rate becomes greater as these relationships grow and you are able to better understand their wants and needs. The ability to interact with your target audience so quickly and gain valuable information from them through your campaign means a quicker return on investment, customer loyalty and retention and profit growth for your business.
Key Architecture Points:
  Create and Print Personalized URLs on each direct mail piece
  Capture relative information and responder activity during your campaign once they visit their VIP landing page
  Make sound business decisions and follow up with responders quickly based on your automated lead notification and report analysis. Leads are automatically delivered to you in real time by either email, cell phone (text message) or PDA.
It All Comes Together:
Attract - Print Personalized Web Addresses on each Direct Mail Piece
Using your campaign's Mail File, a Personalized Web Address for each recipient is generated. These unique addresses and pass codes are inserted into the mail file for inclusion in each direct mail piece.
Since studies have shown that nearly 33% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online, Personalized Web Addresses provide a convenient response option.
Interact - Capture Visits to the VIP Landing Page
When James visits his Personalized Web Addresses, he's visiting a VIP Landing Page built specifically to support the direct mail piece he holds in his hand.
For example, the VIP Landing Page's layout and design match that of the mail piece. Upon arriving at, a welcome message thanks James for visiting.
React: Generate Leads, Print Reports, & Follow-up
PURLs and the technology behind it captures James's activity for additional follow-up and lead generation - all in real time. Comprehensive reports display campaign response rates, visitor patterns, and detailed lead information so you can follow up with sales leads as they come in!
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